Calibration Cylinders


The Syngenta Turf Sprayer Calibration Checker has been specifically designed to enable quick and routine maintenance of sprayer output at optimum levels, with the minimum of down time.

Product Description

The advantages:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Works for all 0.5 m nozzle spacing booms
  • Requires no reference to calculations

How to use the calibration checker

  1. Ensure you have already calibrated your sprayer as explained in “Sprayer Calibration for accurate Application”
  2. To check your nozzle output at anytime after calibration, select your forward application speed from the left hand column of the table printed on the cylinder
  3. Read off the calibration time in seconds from the right hand column for your chosen forward application speed
  4. Collect the output of one nozzle for the specified time and read off the water volume per hectare that would be applied
  5. If the output level is above* the required volume the sprayer operating pressure should be reduced. If the output level is below the required level the sprayer pressure needs to be increased
  6. Adjust the sprayer pressure as required and recheck nozzle output

*If the application rate is significantly different to the required level, it may be necessary to change the size of nozzle used. Refer to nozzle manufactures output charts to select an appropriate size nozzle and recheck.

TOP TIP 1: Always use a calibration cylinder for checking nozzle output; measuring jugs are good for measuring product, but are not sufficiently accurate for checking nozzles.

TOP TIP 2: If you have collected nozzle output for 30 seconds in your nozzle check, don’t forget to double it to get the output per minute for the spray volume calculation.

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