CALUSA PINES – Bermuda Grass

What an experience to have a personal tour of the private Calusa Pines situated in Calusa Pines Drive, Naples, Florida by the architect, Dana Fry.  Fry spend many years working for Tom Fazio and this is evident in his design style.  Calusa pines is wall to wall Tifsport Bermuda with Tifeagle greens.  The Turfgrass quality on this course was phenomenal.  The greens are maintained at 3mm with weekly verticutting, regular light dusting and rolling.  I enjoyed meeting the superintendent and seeing the crew in action.  Once again these out of play areas are a haven for wildlife.  The out of play areas are sprayed for weeds and then covered in a pine straw mulch which looks good, keeps the soil moist, weeds out and is good to play off.  Fry has a very interesting design style on lakes adopted from Fazio – they never want to see the end of the lake – these photos should show this concept of islands and irregular edging to these areas.   This golf course has the most elevation of any course in Collier County.  Because of the enormous amount of earthmoving the landscaping and out of play area as had to be recreated.  They did a phenomenal job as these areas look as though they have been there for a life time.  I had the good fortune of spending time with the extremely energetic, off the wall owner – Gary V. Chensoff. He was told by 11 doctors that he had months to live.  With his zest for life he was determined to beat the cancer and found a doctor who has saved his life.  He is a miracle as he runs around his golf course.